Saturday, April 16, 2011


A couple months ago, I received a phone call from Primary Children's.  As any heart mom would tell you, we usually don't love these phone calls.  As I just starred at their name on my caller ID, I froze and started to panic.  I wasn't expecting any phone call and instantly wondered if everything was ok.  ...   Nonetheless, this was a fun phone call!  I was being notified that Madison had been chosen to receive a wish from MAKE A WISH.  The purpose of their phone call was to get my permission for Madison to receive any wish of her choice.  And of course, I said, "YES!"

Following my phone call from Primary Children's, I received a phone call from Make A Wish.  It was our first Wish Granter's (Paul and Sarah), calling to introduce themselves and schedule a time to come meet Maddie and Cooper.  I remember this phone call because I couldn't talk.  I was just having one of those mommy moments where I found myself overcome with emotion and so grateful for this opportunity.  (those moments seem to happen so frequently...) Paul and Sarah came to our home and spent an evening playing with Maddie and Cooper.  We had a great time!  The purpose of their visit was to try and figure out what Maddie might wish for...

A few weeks went by, Paul and Sarah moved away and we met our second Wish Granter (Coral). Coral invited us to come to the Wishing Place in Salt Lake. At the Wishing Place, Maddie would be able to go to the Wishing Room and make her wish. A key to the Wishing Room was mailed to Madison.  

Madison holding her key.
(only those with keys can enter the Wishing Room)

The entire Wishing Place was decorated just for her.

After much discussion and excitement, Madison made her wish.  We helped her write it on a piece of paper and then sealed it tight in a capsule.  Everyone then followed Madison into the Wishing Room.

Wishing Room

The wishing room was magical and sparkled with many colors.  There was beautiful music playing inside.  It's hard to see in the picture, but that's a water fall behind the cylinder.  While in the wishing room, we all took the time to read our wishes to Madison.  At this point everyone was pretty emotional.  This wasn't the time to wish for fun stuff; it was a time to reflect on what Madison has been through and what we wished for her future to hold.

When it was time, Madison took the top off the cylinder and placed her heavy capsule inside.  Then we put the lid back on the cylinder.  Her wish was immediately sent to the Wishing Wizard.  We waited for only a few seconds for a response from the Wishing Wizard.  The room then became really bright, shiny and sparkly.  This meant that her wish was granted...

Sometime around June 1, this will be arriving at our house...

So... if you think I'm naughty at Christmas time, then I was naughty here too.  I marched myself over to Backyard Adventures to see exactly what this looks like.  IT IS HUGE!  Mark measured and this new toy will take up our entire backyard.  We are so excited, especially Cooper and Maddie. 

When I titled Maddie's blog, "They Journey of My Heart Transplant", I never thought I would be blogging about the overwhelming, life - changing experiences that we would have the opportunity to go through.  I have witnessed so much good and met so many good people as I've traveled through this journey with Maddie.  Often the feelings of gratitude are so overwhelming; it's hard to find the perfect words to explain our perfect journey thus far.   

A very special thank you to our medical team and Make A Wish.  We appreciate you!  We love you, Madison loves you!

Yesterday (Friday, April 15) I was notified that a sweet, sweet 12 year old girl also named Maddy has chosen to sponsor Madison's wish.  Maddy is having a bake sale TODAY from 2-4pm at the Lone Peak Park (10140 S. 700 E.)  in Sandy.  All proceeds will go to Make A Wish for Madison Hiles' wish.  Thank you Maddy!  We're coming by to meet you...