Sunday, January 3, 2010

Cardiology Appointment #5

I am happy to announce to the world that Miss Madison is finally 18 POUNDS! Holy Cow, she made it! Our little girl has been 17 lbs. since JUNE. Now we will always remember.. 18 lbs. at 18 months old. Since receiving her new heart, Maddie is eating great. And has an appetite.. imagine that. She had gained 6 oz. in 2 days resulting in 18 lbs. 1oz. at the time of her appointment.

K- No laughing at the pictures below.. May I remind you that I'm a Social Worker, not a Photographer. (ha ha) I had brought our actual camera, in hopes that Maddie would be 18 lbs. during this visit and I could take picutes of her on the scale, BUT forgot the camera in the car. So, I relied on my trusty camera phone and couldn't seem to get the perfect picture that I was after. But here ya go.. Miss Madison, 18 lbs.
The rest of Maddie's appointment went perfect.

I've had a couple people ask how Madison is doing in taking her medication and she is doing really well. Thanks for asking. She takes them a lot better for Mark than for me. I don't know why. She hasn't thrown up any of her meds (or anything) since coming home. She still takes a lot of medication - 13 to be exact. We switched her meds from Primary Children's to our pharmacist in Provo. I love our pharmacist! I've decided that when you take a lot of meds, you need to love your pharmacist. (ha ha) This was a great choice on our part! They have been so accommodating and they truely care about Maddie. They always ask about her. I love that safe, secure feeling. I felt as though Primary Children's pharmacy was too busy. (I don't know..) I'm laughing right now because we also ordered 200 syringes. Yep, 200. I'll let you know when we order more. :)

6:30am: On our way to Madison's Cardiology appointment. I always try to dress Maddie really cute since she doesn't go anywhere else..

Love, Mommy and Maddie
(Madison's dad forgot to take pictures of her gold shoes. That's ok. We'll remind him next time.)


Al, Jenny, Avery and James said...

Michelle, you are such a good writer! It's as if I am listening to you talk as I'm reading. Your personal voice comes through so much. Love the updates. Yeah for 18 pounds!!!

You and Miss Maddie both look lovely, and at 6:30 am, no less! I am so glad she continues to thrive. What a sweetheart. Love the polka dots and I am guessing the gold shoes are adorable :)

Michelle said...

She is beautiful! Your pictures are great so don't worry about that. =)

So so happy that Maddie is gaining weight and doing so well! I know how important this is to heart mommas and babies. Wishing you continued happiness and health!

Ryan and Hilary said...

I used to dress Daxton up also on Cardiology appointments. It felt like a night out on the town. And I would always splurge and get a Dr.P,primarys has the best Dr. P in the history of Dr. P. I am so glad that she is doing great. Daxtons appointment is on Thursday I hope to see you guys there.

Kimmie said...

so funny someone else believes in LOVING your pharmacist. I too have found the perfect one, and switched everything when I finally found her. Silly, but they truly make a world of difference to us moms!

so glad to hear maddie is doing great, and can't wait to hear who yoru surprise friends were at her appointment?????

Becca said...

Yeah for 18 pounds!!! It's so funny how we worry about every little ounce. But it is so critical to these heart babies. I am amazed that you look so good too at 6:30 in the morning. Ellie's apointments are usually at 8:30 and she always looks good, but I manage to go looking like I just crawled out of bed. See ya around.

Becca-Ellie's mom

Amber said...

Madison looks great!! I am amazed how how resilient she is!

The Blanchard Family said...

Wow. . . you girls look so great SO early in the morning. I am usually up at that time with my eyes half open feeding baby Aden, but never looking so good like you! I am SO glad to see how well Maddie continues to do. . .what a blessing and truly a miracle! I hope that someday we will get a chance to meet ;)

Joe and Elisa said...

FINALLY!! It's great to hear that she has so much energy and appetite!

Mindi D said...

Awesome! I actually just did a post recently that Libbi weighs 18 pounds as well, but she is 10 months! She is a chub! I'm so glad Maddie is doing so well, wow what an amazing story, i'm glad i found you :)