Friday, April 9, 2010

Cardiology Appointment OR Play Group

(yeah.. the picutres worked.  I'm so excited)
Madison continues to do absolutely AMAZING!  I stand in awe at her recovery every single day.  She is a completely different baby since receiving her new heart, full of energy and busy... very, very busy.  She even says, "busy, busy, busy."  I tell everyone that one of the happiest days was telling Cooper "no-no" to playing in the garbage can, only to find that it was Madison making the mess. 

Below are some pictures of our medical team in action.  I'm missing some medical staff, but I'll grab them for another post.  For the ones listed below, I just want to say thank you!  You always go the extra mile for Madison and I appreciate it.  Thank you for making our transplant journey enjoyable, or as enjoyable as it can be.  Madison absolutely loves coming to her appointments; she loves seeing everyone... unless you're running late and her nap time is interrupted.  Madison loves you.  Because of that.. I love having you as part of our "hospital family".  Thank you.

Just arrived at the hospital
Madison is watching Mickey Mouse and waiting patiently for Shawn.

Yeah, Shawn is working today!  This is Shawn and he is part of the IV Team.  If available, he always does Maddie's labs. 
Madison has never cried when Shawn draws her labs.

My Big Girl.  No tears..

She does look a little worried. 
 I think it's because I was playing photographer and not standing next to her.
Madison then demands that all pagers be handed over. 
It doesn't matter how many toys and books I bring for her,
by the end of her appointment she has demanded everyone's pager.

Next, Madison has her weight taken.  She now weighs 20 lbs. 12 oz.

Then she practices some yoga while having her echo.
This is my favorite picture.  After her echo is snack time. 
Doesn't it look like she is thinking, "Has anyone seen Dr. Everitt?"

This is Emily, Madison's Transplant Coordinator.  Madison loves Emily.  At each appointment, the two of them compare outfits.  They ooh and aah at each other.  This particular appointment, Madison did not approve of Emily's shirt and made her cover it up with her blanket.  I'm still laughing.  It was hillarious! 


Joe and Elisa said...

Oh my gosh! This is the cutest post ever! She is so darling and what a spunky personality she has! I loooove it!

Al, Jenny, Avery and James said...

Michelle! This is so cute! I love that there is such a marked change in her personality and energy. I can only imagine how amazing that has been to witness. You can just tell in these pics that she is spunky and full of life. What a cutie!! And as always, she is dressed so cute. Right down to the necklace. Love it :)

Amber said...

She is such a cute girl...full of personality! She looks amazing....and she hit the 20 pound mark...hooray!! :)

Hope's Blog said...

Wow...that is all I can say about how wonderful she is at her appointments. I don't take pictures because they would be full of a little girl having a HUGE fit. Madison's personality shines through in your pictures!

Becca said...

She is so cute!! And so good! Maybe I should have Shawn start drawing Ellie's blood. That ruins the appointment if they struggle with the draw. Such cute pictures you have! Hopefully your coming to the mom's luncheon. It'll be good to see everybody.

Maria said...

She is more adorable all the time!