Sunday, April 11, 2010

Heart Biopsy

I keep forgetting to post that Miss Madison has her FIRST HEART BIOPSY this Tuesday... April 13.  Yes, I'm fulfilling my roll of the typical nervous mom!  I don't like these procedures...I don't think anyone does.  The anticipation and the 'what if's' drive me crazy.  We have requested that Dr. Gray do the procedure.  We absolutely love Dr. Gray.  He is brilliant and one of the best doctor's in the Cardiology Department.

Heart Biopsy Education:
For those who don't know, a Heart Biopsy is completely normal and simply part of her transplant journey.  I think that if everything looks good, she will have a biopsy on a yearly basis.  But I'm not sure, I'll have to ask. 

The main purpose of the procedure is to check for any rejection.  I'm assuming that the doctor's will do an overall check of things as well.  To my knowledge, Madison hasn't had any signs of rejection.  Signs of rejection would include some of the same symptoms of Heart Failure (throwing up, lethargic, sweating, low energy, no appetite).  If rejection was occurring, her heart may sound different as well.  We listen to Madison heart everyday and it sounds the same each time.  One could also be experiencing rejection, but not show outward symptoms and that is one of the reasons why biopsies are done. 

The procedure is done in the Cath Lab.  (Madison has been to the Cath Lab one other time)  She will be put completely under and the doctor's will access her heart through her two main arteries.  This is called a Catherization.  One arterial location is in her neck and the other is upper thigh (groin area).  The procedure usually lasts about an hour and then we get to hang out in Out Patient Recovery for about four hours.

Don't worry.. I have the new jammies purchased.  Madison always gets new jammies, or comfy outfit for any surgical procedure.  And as her biggest supporter, Cooper gets a new pair of jammies as well.      


Family Scads said...

Cath lab...yikes! Those are two words that I do not love! Beckham has never had a biopsy, but he has one scheduled when he is four years old. The protocol at the U of I hospital is to not do a biopsy unless something looks funny with his ECHO. I love this procedure, but it is also a little scary because I have heard of patients who have perfect ECHO's but can still be in rejection.

Good luck and lots of prayers this week. Maddie looks so good. I can't believe that she does not even cry when she gets labs drawn. That's amazing!


likeschocolate said...

I will be keeping you in our prayers. I hope it all goes well. Hugs from Georgia!

Kimmie said...

i just love your tradition of the new jammies...a girl after my own heart! good luck this week sweet little madison.

marissa said...

will definitely be praying. And I too LOVE the new jammie tradition

Al, Jenny, Avery and James said...

Been thinking about you. Hope all went well yesterday. You are such a cute mom!! Jammies are a huge thing for our family too, thanks to grandma Nette getting us started on that love. Love the jammie tradition.

Andrea S. said...

We just love new jammies at our house. I think you should get a new pair too!! Hope all went well and we hope to see you soon!