Thursday, April 8, 2010

Some Thoughts...

Does anyone else become highly emotional every time they post?  I'm beginning to think that blogging has become my therapy.  The minute I begin to write a post, the tears start coming and I cry through the entire post.  Please tell me that this happens to other moms... (if not, just say it does.. then I'll feel better.)

During one of Madison's clinic appointments a couple weeks ago, I was visiting with another heart mom who mentioned that she feels as though she's going through some kind of Post Traumatic Stress.  Now that the war, OR Heart Transplant is over, the stress begins to release and your guard let's down.  And as this happens, the floods of emotion begin to come.  As a mom, one cannot believe what they themselves and their child have just gone through.  Sometimes, I even ask myself... "did we just go through a real heart transplant?" 

Because of the hussle and bussle of Cardiology Appointments, I didn't get a chance to thank this mom for talking with me.  It was so nice to hear that another mom was feeling the same way as me.  (yeah!  I'm not going must be normal..)  The words this mom said to me, were the exact words that I needed to hear.  Thank you.

This "Heart Transplant Journey" has been quite the journey.  I definitely have learned more about life, the purpose of life, and the Power of our Heavenly Father in the past year than any lesson has ever taught me.  This has definitely been a life changing experience.  I'm so grateful for the moms and kiddos whom I've met; they have changed my life.  They are Heros in my book. 

Of course, it's not over, but I do feel as though I'm at a Pit Stop.  I have time to stop and breath as things have slowed down a bit.  Thanks to Prograf levels, Madison's appointments are now every two weeks with blood draws every week.  That's not too bad... 

Below are some pictures of Madison at a couple appointments.  Her personality cracks me up.  I swear she thinks we are there for Social Hour, or better yet... Play Group.  Ugh!  I can't get the pictures to work.  I'll post again tomorrow, I promise.


Amy and Cody said...

Good post :)

marissa said...

seriously michelle every once in a while I tear up or flat out cry because I randomly think of maddie's transplant and I'm so overjoyed and grateful that she got a heart so I can't even imagine being you.

Jenny Lincoln said...

I know exactly what you are talking about!! Everytime I update my daughters blog I end up a mess of tears! I've been following your blog for a while now and have not commented yet (I don't think :) ) Your children are beautiful and your daughters wonderful recovery has been an awesome blessing from God! What a strong little girl you have there! :) :)
Heart Hugs,
Jenny (Aly's mommy- HLHS)

Kristi Vega said...

Thank you for this lovely post. I often wonder, now that we are SO close to Gabriella's new heart, what it will be like AFTERWARD. We have spent a year focusing all energy on this hectic transplant prep process with complications and fears... and the day when it has all ended and our lives have a new form of "normal" scares me!

God Bless!