Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Festival of Trees

I was hoping that I could surprise Michelle when we went to the Festival of Trees on Wednesday, but little Madison has been admitted to he hospital so it doesn't look like we will be making it to the festival. Michelle has explained all the details about how we got here and where we are going from here in the post below. We are hoping that this stay in the hospital doesn't last too long; our goal is to be out in a week. It will be nice to get back home but I am not looking forward to some of the changes we will need to make.

Michelle talked in an earlier post about the overwhelming support that has been shown to us since we found out that Madison would be listed for a heart transplant. I cannot describe how blessed we are to have such great friends and family that are willing to do anything they can to help us out through this trial. We have even had complete strangers reach out to us, Not to mention all the help that Diamond Rental has done for us. We have had other heart families describe this as the worst and greatest experience they have gone through. Michelle and I have begun to truly see how this trial can also be such a blessing.

One of the most recent expressions of love and support came this week from my co-workers who decided to decorate a tree in Madison's name for the Festival of Trees. Like I said earlier I thought it would be great for Michelle to see the tree on Wednesday as we walked though the festival but those plans have changed so I am now using this post to surprise her. The tree is as girly as our little Madison is and I think they did a great job. Please check it out if you can but if you can't make it here are a few pictures.

Thanks to all of those who spent their time and money to create such a beautiful tree.
Posted by Mark (Madison's Dad)


Joe and Elisa said...

Mark, that tree is beautiful. It suits her very well :)

Amy said...

What a beautiful tree! Brought tears to my eyes! Good luck at the hosptial this week. Madison will be in my prayers!

Amber said...

The tree is beautiful! I am going to have to take a trip to Festival of Trees to see it! Hang in there you guys...you are in our prayers.

marissa said...

The tree is stunning I love how it so suits her personality. I totally admire your guys' strength and love for each other and your kiddos. Thanks for letting us know about your blog I always want to ask how Maddie is but didn't know if I should. We've been praying and will keep up it.

Cason Clan said...

This is Becca Ellie's mom. Sorry to hear that you are in the hospital. We are at PCMC as well. I will try to call the hospital and find out where you are. You are in our prayers and we hope all goes well for you. That is a beautiful tree for you daughter.

Kathy said...

Mark and Michelle,
The tree is just as beautiful as that precious little girl. Our whole family will be praying for her. We love you guys.