Sunday, December 6, 2009

A Peaceful Day..

I meant to post this sooner..

Contrary from the moaning, whimpering, and being uncomfortable of yesterday, Madison has been sleeping peacefully all day. She continues to be performing quite the speedy recovery. She has surprised almost every doctor and nurse around. In fact, Maddie decided to sleep on her stomach last night. That's right. She rolled over, tucked her legs under, bum in the air and slept most of the night just like that. Yes, she still has chest tubes in and multiple IV lines. She didn't pull anything out (thank goodness). Her nurse felt that if she was comfortable and nothing was kinked.. then it was ok.

Maddie is eating real food by mouth. She has had yogart, eggs, potatoes, popsicle, juice, and formula. She is eating so good. We are so happy.

Madison's IV medications continue to disappear as she is beginning to take them orally.

Maddie does make it known to everyone that she doesn't like her diaper changed. I think it hurts her poor little chest when you lift her legs up. She cries and soon we are crying together as I change her little bum. I haven't made it through one diaper change without crying. I've just been informed that Madison will also need another Picc Line. Are they for real? I am so sad.. can I hold her through another one? That will happen tomorow.

So.. tomorrow's agenda includes:
1. Picc Line.
2. Echo.
3. Taking out the Right Atrial Line. (that is kind of like an IV that is directly in her heart. It allows her medication to go directly in her heart and it measures the pressures on the right side of heart.)
4. Daily blood work.
5. Daily chest x-ray.

Her chest tubes still need to stay in as they are still draining quite a bit of fluid. This is ok that they are draining so much fluid.. she has a lot of extra space around her new heart (because her old heart was so big). That extra space can collect fluid easily, until her organs and lungs fill in that space.

Thanks again for your concern and continued support. Please continue to pray for Maddie as tomorrow will be a busy day for her. Take Care.


Kaidence's Mommy said...

I still cannot believe that she is eating!!! That has honestly been our biggest obstacle since coming home and you have already jmped that hurdle. It goes to show what a difference not having to wait too long for an organ makes. Hopefully tomorrow will go well. Kaidence had to go home with a central line because she no longer had any sights left for a PICC line because they had all been overused from being in the PICU too long. Madison looks great and I bet you feel great as well. Still in our prayer.

Amy said...

So great to hear she is going wonderful! I am jealous you got to hold her during PICC line insertion! We had to leave the room for at least 30 minutes. Then when they didn't come get us for 45 I got SO nervous! Anyhow, I am so happy for your family! I added her to my fast today!

Summer said...

I am so so happy Madison is doing wonderful!!! She is absolutely beautiful. I will continue to pray for her and your sweet family.

Loves, Mason's Mommy

marissa said...

such good news she is such a rockstart!

Kathy said...

What a little trooper she is. Hang in there tomorrow and I sure hope all goes well. The pictures are really so precious.

Kimmie said...

what an amazing recovery so far...absolutely wonderful! what a trooper miss madison is...we are cheering over here. goodluck tomorrow...YOU CAN DO THIS!!!

a heart friend

Ryan and Hilary said...

She looks absolutely amazing!! I am just so happy that she is progressing so wonderfully. I can't believe she slept on her tummy, that is too cute! We will pray for a smooth day tomorrow and that she can get the rest she needs. You guys get some rest also-she will be home before you know it!

Jennifer Clement said...


Amber said...

Michelle..she looks beautiful! I am so glad to hear that she is doing so well. She is one strong little girl! I am so sad (for both of you) that she has to get another PICC line. That is very, very sad! I will be keeping you all in my thoughts and prayers. Stay strong!

Mindi D said...

I found your blog through Masons, she is darling and seems to be doing really good! That is great! Take care and good luck with everything!!
Mindi Dixon
Mom of Libbi, a fellow heart buddy :)

Steve Schaefer said...

So glad to hear it went well. That is awesome!